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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at noon. mark: developing news. turns deadly. >> i really don' happened after that. mark: the suspect appeared to pulling what appeared to be a gun from his waistband. >> we have been able to determine officers responded appropriately according to their training. mark: also breaking, and
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pilot chemical in middletown has closed several roads. we are working to find out what is happening at the chemical come any. while this is our at the elementary to assist if there are any toxic fumes. police are telling people to shelter in place. we will keep you updated. lisa: new details on the officer involved shooting on harrison. the suspect killed was paul gaston. mark: wlwt news 5 ' s andrew setters is outside police headquarters. good afternoon. afternoon. this is a situation where police have a good understanding of what yesterday because of a citizen cell phone recording at range. paul gaston was shot by three
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chief isaac speaking at district one short time ago. police received a call about a man with a gun in westwood yesterday afternoon. several more calls were made after that man crashed his pickup truck. one 911 call was clear that she saw a man with a weapon. he dropped it in picked it up as he stumbled away from the crashed vehicle. she called 911 to report it. several officers responded, and citizens recorded the encounter on their cell phone. at first, paul gaston followed orders. he dropped to his knees. he ordered him to drop to his stomach. that is when he removed the gun from his waistband and three officers fired upon him. the chief says the weapon was in airsoft with
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officer mcmanis, officer kohler, and one other fired shots. mcmanis has 20 years on the force, the other two were hired in 2007 and 2008. all are on administrative leave, as is standard procedure. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5 them. mark: mayor cranley spoke about the shooting this morning. he said it seems clear the officer' s actions were justified. lisa: this took place by the border between cheviot and westwood. several people saw what happened. >> it was pretty scary. my son was quiet. he is not one to be quiet. he was scared, and it to being so close to the house -- i' m still kind of shaken. >> i' m going to be scared to
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it is weird to think stuff is happening around here. lisa: witnesses also credited police for their response. watch the police news conference online and on the wlwt mobile app. check out the top four photos from the scene and eyewitness accounts. mark: new details about a deadly wrong way crash that shut down and interstate. the driver involved admitted she had been drinking. wlwt news 5 ' s todd dykes is in the newsroom with more information. todd: the woman is the mother of a four-year-old and a six-month-old. during this morning' s arraignment of the lawyer for taryn chin said she had custody and is worried because she breast-feeds the six-month-old. those children are staying with her mother.
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flight risk. he asked for a low bond. the prosecutors responding by asking for a higher bond. her blood alcohol level at the time was .122. they' re asking for a total of $300,000. mark: the crash happened at 3:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. taryn chin was going north on the southbound lanes of i-71 when she ran into the car driven by 47-year-old hosey rina' s near the dana avenue exit. jose arenas died at the scene. felonies. aggravated vehicular assault and failure to stop. 11-year-old london smith was hit in the crosswalk. she has injuries to her face and
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mark: responding to a crash after a driver slammed into a home on tahoe terrace. they think the driver suffered a medical condition. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. several people were home at the time, but no one was hurt. the metropolitan sewer district. the director of utility oversight is saying there may have been .5 billion dollars of wasted funds including overbuilt projects, investments, and bad data . sewer officials are disputing the claims, saying their standards are among the best in the nation. hamilton county commissioners wanted to keep an eye on what is happening and voted for stricter standards for projects. mark: the ohio regional transit authorities said the streetcars the report $5
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he anticipated revenue is 618 thousand dollars. s.o.r.t.a. is asking for $2.8 million for the street car operation. these numbers were included in the streetcars funding request to the city council this week. high infant mortality rates are still a prominent issue. one group is working to raise awareness of factors often overlooked. cradle cincinnati recommends one year between the birth of one child in the conception of the next were the healthiest pregnancy. one in five agnes sees are spaced less than one year apart. that is 20% of pregnancies from 2009 to 2015. our infant mortality rates are in the bottom 10% nationally, and preterm birth rate earning a failing grade for the march of dimes. cradle cincinnati wants to
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bring awareness to the situation and educate families on the importance of spacing. >> spacing is the time you have the child until the time you get pregnant again. not the time between deliveries. mark: local awareness is extremely low. a little over 35% of families and timing can be a factor in the health of their pregnancy. cradle cincinnati believes they' re are hoping to make a difference. lisa: local leaders getting ready for the great american cleanup season. keep cincinnati beautiful is hosting a meeting with the neighborhood partners to beautify greater cincinnati. last year 3000 miles of streets and highways were cleaned. litter was collected.
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mark: karin johnson joins us on the phone with more on the chemical leak. karin: i can tell you that according to middletown police, there is a chemical leak at pilot chemical on yankee road. there is a shelter in place due to the chemical leak. if you live in and around the area of yankee road, stay in your home. amanda elementary school in milltown, i am told there is a shelter in place. we started seeing crews from other jurisdictions and a hazmat crew from hamilton arrive. we are working to get you more information. when we get any, we will pass it along to you. mark: also today, a new class will be honored. lisa: cincinnati usa is hosting its dinner in honor of local leaders.
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mark: welcome back. breaking news in middletown. a chemical leak at pilot chemical has closed several roads. police are at a nearby elementary school. police are telling residents to shelter in place. they are at amanda elementary to assist in case there are any toxic fumes from pilot chemical. emergency dispatchers are so busy that middletown police are asking people not to call 911 unless they have a true emergency.
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top story of the day, the officer-involved shooting in westwood. andrew setters is alive with reaction from police. andrew: 37-year-old paul gaston is the one that was killed yesterday afternoon. we have more information from chief isaac at district one. i will walk you through some of the details that we knew yesterday, the chief confirming that this was an incident where several people called 911 recording a man who crashed his pickup truck on harrison and abu to know -- and b eauteneau. >> a gentleman just wrecked his car. >> is it a single car accident, ma' am? >> yes. he exited the car -- stumbled out.
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take up the gun, and took off. andrew: this was a situation where police believed they were dealing with someone who had a weapon. the chief says they ordered the man to the ground. at first he complied, then reached for a gun in his waistband. >> the officers encountered the individual at 3315 harrison. they initially gave him commands to go to his knees, which he initially complied. they gave him additional commands to lie flat on the ground. the individual begins to go to the ground, then rises up and freeze of firearm from his waistband. the three officers in the slide, they engage the individual, striking him multiple times.
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one of the it' s of information revealed. paul gaston was carrying a realistic-looking airsoft gun here the air -- the officers could not have known. lisa: we are following ted cruz making big jumps in the polls. mark: the senator is ahead of donald trump according to a new poll. the survey shows 28 percent of republican primary voters would vote for cruz. trump is at 26%. john kasich is in fourth at 11%. the gop race is heating up ahead of the primary as candidates square off in a town hall tonight. three candidates will take part in a town hall after 2 competing town halls last night. donald trump was on msnbc, ted
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carson on the other channel. senator cruz: this pressed the bounds of one of the most ridiculous letters i' ve ever seen. mr. trump: i don' t have it we will have a lawsuit, but we want to keep someone honest. mark: it comes as marco rubio picks up an endorsement from governor haley. it is considered a setback for jeb bush. he has his mother campaigning with him today. we will continue to update when we continue. lisa: nevada looks like a tough battleground for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. nevada voters are split almost evenly. 48 percent say they support clinton. 47% support sanders.
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a little more than one year after reopening ties with cuba, president obama will travel their next month. he will be the first sitting president to make a visit and nine decades. nbc news is told the president will make the trip as part of a larger tour of latin america. the last president to visit cuba was calvin coolidge in 1928. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. miriah: when you look at where we were at the beginning of the week and where we will end the week, big changes. spring-like, sunny, in the 60' s. we are dry. the wind will pick up this evening. the wind is out of the south and southeast at seven-miles-per-hour. we have been covering the chemical leak. what we are seeing in the area,
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this is on yankee road at south middletown. 63 is just south of the chemical plant. it is the pilot chemical plant. with the wind out of the south and southeast at 10-miles-per-hour, you want to pay attention and take caution to the north. that is anywhere a long yankee road, trenton, and miltonville. take precaution with the chemical leak. we will see sunshine return this afternoon. a weekend warm-up is on the way. a dash of rain will mix in. it will be a winner of a all. high pressure to the north and east will continue slipping north and east. the hind of that, this system will move in. with the warm-up, warmer air will move out of the south, moving us into the 50'
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with that warm front, windy conditions. behind that, we have a weak disturbance. maybe sprinkles on friday at best. we will stay mostly dry with plenty of sunshine on saturday and even warmer temperatures. it looks very spring-like. temperatures in the lower 40' s in some areas. your springboro, 36-degrees. the wind is out of the south at 10-miles-per-hour at cvg. 39-degrees feeling like 32. that is something to factor in. we will see sunshine and make it into the middle 40' s. it will be a comfortable afternoon compared to what we have seen. tomorrow, the wind will kick in, but temperatures continue to
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dry with partly cloudy skies. friday, the wind will take up with lingering clouds. a chance of the sprinkle on disturbance makes its way through. temperatures are on the rise, that is the story. 35 tonight. it will be on the cooler side. tomorrow, in the 50' s. for the weekend, plenty of sunshine and new the 60' s on saturday. sunday, temperatures dropped into the 50' s.
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mark: it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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middletown. a chemical leak at a pilot chemical company has closed several roads and send police to a nearby elementary school. the police are telling people to shelter in place. karin johnson is on the live line with more. to find out what kind of chemical has
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there is a shelter in place in and around the area of oxford stage road, yankee road, todd hunter road. we came from amanda elementary school where parents were rushing to pick up their children. they found out on social media what was going on. they are looking for answers. many of the students were told to go to the cafeteria. there is a media staging area we are headed to, and we should have more answers in the next few minutes. stay with for the latest. karin johnson, wlwt news 5. lisa: a new york city man who lost his wallet was surprised when the person who found it returned almost everything. mark: reilly flaherty lost his wallet at a concert in brooklyn a few weeks ago. earlier this week, he received an envelope with his license and credit cards. those came with a note that said, " i kept the cash because i needed weed, the metrocard because, well, the fare' s $2.75 now, and the wallet ' cause it'
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>> the note was basically -- i' m m also kind of and i' m keeping everything that has any currency behind it. this is something my friends and i have laughed about quite a bit. mark: the concert hall where flaherty lost his wallet caught wind of what happened, and offered him tickets to an upcoming show. so he got something. the latest on wlwt -- be sure to catch "ellen." lisa: adele will be on for the first time since her rough performance at the grammys. >> i woke up and everyone was like we still love you, don' t worry. i said, i didn' t ask you if you still loved me. thank you. >> people start to try to make you feel better, and it makes you feel worse.
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i would' ve cried if it went i always cry. lisa: adele will spend the hour with ellen. see it at 4:00. miriah: we are watching the wind because of the chemical company with the spill the stash spill near middletown. west and northwest of middletown will want to take caution. other than that, sunshine.
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lisa: lights, camera, access. >> i hate the new kanye. the always rude kanye. >> is the guy literally falling apart at the seams? the feuds, the rants about huge debts. the claims that kim has had enough. i'm billy bush. is kanye imploding? time to break it dow including how crazy it got at "snl." >> ooh. question. almost kanye'd taylor swift yesterday, huh? >> all kinds of grammy aftermath. can tyga explain his mccartney lockout?


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